Long Arms Festival - 3 (2006)

Long Arms Festival 2005

PAMELA Z (USA), JG THIRLWELL (USA), Bill DRUMMOND & The 17 (UK), David COSSIN & REAL QUIET (USA), Riodji HODJITO (Japan), Leonid FYODOROV (Russia), Tatiana GRINDENKO (Russia), Igor ZAKHAROV and BATUCADA Orchestra(Russia), Masahiko SATOH (Japan), Vladislav MAKAROV (Russia), BROTZMANN-PLIAKAS-WERTMUELLER (Germany-Switzerland), Teruto SOEJIMA (Japan), Wolfgang SCHIFTNER & KELOMAT (Austria), Markus STOCKHAUSEN (Germany), Tara BOUMAN (UK), Sainkho NAMCHYLAK (Austria), NEW ART ENSEMBLE (Russia) and many others.

The main avantgarde music LONG ARMS festival will pass from the 27th of September to the 4th of October, 2006 at DOM cultural centre. The festival is organized by DEVOTIO MODERNA, the art union APOSITION (Petersburg) and the DOM PROM company. Several contemporary music directions will be presented at the festival, including new composing, improvised, electroacoustic and experimental. The LONG ARMS festival is dedicated to Nick Dmitriev.

Long Arms Festival-2 (2005)

Long Arms Festival 2005

DOM Cultural Center and Center of the development and support of new music DEVOTIO MODERNA present the 2nd international festival LONG ARMS, that will take place since 1 till 10 October 2005 at DOM Cultural Centre, Moscow International House of Music, theatre “Dramatic art school” and National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA). LONG ARMS is a festival-dedication in memory of Nikolay Alexandrovich Dmitriev, who was a producer, journalist, project inspirer, new music expert, devoted to the art. He founded DOM and DEVOTIO MODERNA, organized a lot of festivals and concerts. He was a “perpetum mobile” of contemporary russian culture during last 20 years, a great personality and a good friend of the avant-guard musicians of different countries. Several actual music directions will be presented at the festival: new compositional, improvising, electro-acoustic, noise and ethnic music. The excellent musicians from all over the world will participate at the LONG ARMS festival. All of the artists invited to perform are connected to activities of Nikolay Dmitriev. Some of these musicians have already played in Russia, some of them Dmitriev planned to invite for many years.

Long Arms Festival (2004)


The festival was organized by Center Devotio Moderna with Radio Culture GTRK. The festival featured music by composers Martynov, Batagov, Karmanov, Aigi, Zagnia, Peletsis, Rabinovich, Samzo, Glass, Dresher and others performed by Tatyana Grindenko, Galina Muradova, OPUS POSTH ensemble, Anton Batagov, Sergei Zagnia, Alexei Aigi, Ensemble 4.33, Tibor Semzo, ensemble GORDIAN KNOT, choir ALCONOST and other performers.

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